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Below are a selection of workshops I currently offer and the places where I am teaching.



In this workshop you will have fun creating a small wall hanging of your chosen landscape, seascape or garden. The source of inspiration could be holiday photograph of some significant place or your favorite garden.

The aim of this workshop is to develop your creative design skills, experiment with different fabrics and learn about curved piecing techniques. The wall hanging could be embellished with hand stitching and free machine embroidery. 




In this workshop you will learn about the relaxing and therapeutic nature of hand stitching through creating a small design, using the Kantha technique which is a traditional hand-stitching technique from Bangladesh. 

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slow stitch

Take time from your busy lives, to enjoy developing your creative skills, through the simple and mindful process of creating designs on fabric with stitch. In this series of workshops you will create small textiles pieces and we will continue to explore traditional hand stitching techniques from around the world such as Kantha, quilting and embroidery. 

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Boro work originates from the Japanese word ‘boroboro’ which means tattered or repaired. It is a technique which traditionally relates to the repairing and piecing of worn clothing worn by the workers in the fields of Japan. Prior to the introduction of cotton fabrics, the fabric which would have been repaired would have been indigo dyed hemp, which is the lovely deep blue colour. The stitches used would have been running stitches; however it has become somewhat of an art form with the introduction of Sashiko which is a decorative, Japanese style of embroidery.


In this workshop we will design and make a  bag, wall hanging or book wrap by taking pieces of  new and recycled natural fabrics to create  a piece with a layered, collaged effect in the ‘Boro Style’. 

boro close up.jpg


memory cloth

In this workshop we will create a small collage using cotton fabrics and table linens old and new, which may have associations with your life or simply fabrics collected that you like.   

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